~Early afternoon at the local Cafe~

*hiss* ... Look Yume! It's Professor Morhisa!

Yumeko: Oh! .. He looks lonely....*sigh*
Eff: Well-go cheer him up then!
Yume: *errrr.....* But he's a teacher!
Eff: All the better! Yume--he'll know better than those stupid frat brats what feels good!
Yume: *blushing*
Eff: Go talk to him! School hasn't started yet--you might get a date!

No...I can't! He's ....*sigh* So far out of my league.



I'll try to see what he's working on. Then you'd better move over and say hello to him!

Effrosini walks over to coffee bar to spy on what Prof. Morhisa is doing...

Prof. Morhisa



*speaking to self in soft undertone with a sexy british accent*

The design of Bodium Castle was unique in England because it incorporated revolutionary theories in military design. *hmmm* What else?




What a boring subject! Meh. *looking over shoulder at the professor.* Glad I'm not a history major.



Well Yume--you haven't any competition except some moldy old castle someplace in England!



Really? *throws look at Prof. Morhisa* What do you think his first name is? Do we have any classes with him? *dreamy sigh* I could sooo see him in a castle!


You dope! Go over there and introduce yourself! And I dunno-I have some classes in history but I didn't pay any attention to who's teaching them.

Girl: Martin! It's lovely to see you again sweetheart!
Prof. Morhisa: Nyssa?!!!


None other! Aren't you glad to see me darling? *gives a low sexy laugh* I know I am very glad to see you.


Eff: *to Yume* Who the hell is that?
Yume: *heavy sigh* prolly his girlfriend....
Prof. Morhisa: Don't be silly Nyssa! I'm very glad to see you. Come join me. We can have some coffee...and catch up.
Nyssa: What a nice idea. *bats lashes at him and saunters over to couch* What are you working on?
Prof. Morhisa:


Ah that...*closing laptop* Just a new paper for Archeology Today. I have to keep active and published if I ever want to get offered tenure.



Oh you're always so serious! *caresses leg* .. You need to relax more often sweetheart.

Prof. Morhisa: ....0_o.... Ahhh....Nyssa.....
Nyssa: *batting eyes* Yes, darling?
Prof. Morhisa: What are you doing here--in Quinlan? I thought you were staying in London?
Nyssa: I missed you! Even the job at The Guardian couldn't keep me busy. My thoughts kept going back to my midlands lover....
Prof. Morhisa: But...are you working here? Did you get a visa?
Nyssa: Yes, yes. Such an eye for details...you really need to relax more *pulls him down and kisses him on the lips*
Yume: *whimper*
Eff: *pats Yume's arm*
Eff: We'll figure something out. That tart won't have her oh-so-english claws in your man!
Yume: But he's not my man....
Eff: Yet. Not Yet....But he will be!
Yume: I don't know......She seems so much more sophisticated than I am...*sigh*
Eff: Well let's get going, we have things to do if it's going to happen. *nudges Yume* When we get back to the apartment I'll pull out the books and see what we can do!

*thinks to self* Damned if that platinum haired bimbo is going to keep Yume from having a good man!

Yes, I do indeed have a lot to do...



To be continued....

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