Missing his newest friends made while taking part in a summer exchange program, Merrit Daniels has returned to Quinlan University. With only a few days before the start of the semester he is doing his best to settle back in and get ready for another year of academic torture and mayhem....
~In the common lounge @ Watts Hall~  


*thinking to self* Maaaaan. I can't believe the summer's over already and I'm back _here_.

  *rifling through his backpack Merrit runs across a piece of paper with some emails on it*




 redhawt@tazacorte.edu? Who the heck...?

*stares at other address*

Hey! That's Miel's email addy!

Merrit: I wonder if she'd really write back if I wrote her? I mean...after what she did....
  *takes a deep breath and remembers*
?: Hey! *glares at Merrit*  You!
Merrit: Errr...Yea?
?: Do you know where the stairs are to the 3rd floor? Is there an elevator in this place?


Um, down the hall and to the right? I don't think there's an elevator? *shrugs*  I dunno.

?: Great. My brother's got the car and is trying to move me in. *Looks Merrit up and down*
Merrit:   Yea?  Nice. I'm Merrit.  





Alexandra Ryles. From Pointe West. What are you, like a freshman? *she points at his head* And what's with your hair?

Merrit: (0_o)
  I'm a sophmore, thanks.
Alex: I am too. Why didn't I see you at the orientation yesterday?



I didn't get here until this morning. I had to fly in from Austin...Isn't your brother waiting for you *mumbles* or something?




He is.* looks merrit over again*

If you really ARE a sophmore I'll see you in class on monday.

Alexandra turns and begins walking away and Merrit can't help but admire the view...




  *thinks to self*  Yea? Great...a new bitch to replace Eff.

*groans* At least she's got a nice ass. Mmmm...



 Maybe I should start that email to Miel now...

?: E-excuse me?
~ looks up to see a totally busty and sweet looking co-ed~


(0_0) *trying hard to keep his eyes on her face*  Hi!
?: I'm looking for the student reagents stores are?   *Looks worried*  Do you happen to know am I in the right area?




Oh, sure! If you go down to the main hall, and go to the courtyard and into the main hall you'll see a blue and white set of arrows to show the way. *grins*

I could walk you if you wanted...

?: Oh, No. Thank you anyway...I've got to get the hang of being here...
  *she winks at him*
  It's sweet of you to offer though. Thanks!
  *as she walks away Merrit watches her long legs and hourglass figure turn the corner*