~New Horizons~

Part I


::Professor Kayla::


Today we will be discussing how the elements combined with lunar cycles can affect one's use of magic and ritual.

::Merrit:: (Talking to Narfi) Yea, I heard that they're going to do a mindnight showing of Fight Club at the Spectrum.
::Professor Kayla:: Mr. Daniels, would you like to give this lecture? I assume that it is what you are discussing with Mr. Skaftisson?
::Merrit:: T_T No M'am....


::Professor Kayla::


I thought not. Now, please consider the effect that a lunar conjunction with Mars will have on any rituals regarding growth or multiplication--

intercom buzz
"Merrit Daniels and Freesia Constantine please report to Dean Carter's office."
::Freesia:: Oh no! I'm sorry Professor Kayla...*flustered*

::What did I do wrong? Why does the dean want to see me?::

*Looking at Merrit* ::I'm glad someone else has to go too. What if it had been just me?::



::Merrit:: Maaaaan. *looks at Freesia* Coming?
::Freesia::  Yes. Let me... *looks at Professor Kayla* Should I take my books?
::Professor Carter:: Leave them here. I'm sure you'll both be back before class ends.




Merrit & Freesia head to the office of the Dean of Arts & Sciences of Quinlan College.



::Dean Carter::


Ah, you both made it. Good. I have something important to tell both of you. No--don't sit Mr.Daniels. It won't take that long.


So, Sir.....Um, what is it? *eyes pastries on the dean's desk*

::Dean Carter:: We have arranged for the first time, a special student rotation for the fall semester. It involves our students traveling overseas to teach and learn with students of other nationalities.

T_T ... Why should I care about that? I have enough to do worrying about keeping up in chemistry and potions. *twisting hands and staring down at the newspaper on desk*




Sounds cool. What's that got to do with me? *smiles and nods head toward Freesia* I mean with US?

::Dean Carter:: I am pleased to say that both of you were recommended by your student advisors to take part in this program. *looking at Freesia* You, Miss Constantine, because Dr. Vielle believes the exposure to a new culture may help you to further develop your skills and work on some of the deeper issues that we have had to keep an eye on in your past.


I've been trying Sir. Dr.Vielle knows that. I-I don't want to leave Quinlan...I feel comfortable here.

::Dean Carter::

Comfortable or not, this is what has been decided. And you too Mr.Daniels. Both of you are going to Japan. I have your passports here.

*hands passports to them*

You'll both be assigned to the same place as to lessen the culture shock for you.

::Freesia:: B-But...
::Dean Carter:: In two weeks time your plane leaves. I suggest you spend the time arranging your classwork and deciding what you will need to take with you.
::Freesia:: >_< .... .....
::Merrit:: Wow, this is so cool! *riffles with passport* Maaaan...noone's gonna believe this....
::Dean Carter:: Your instructors are aware of this and will talk to you about your course work schedules. I believe most of them will be able to teach you online. Speaking of which, both of you will be given a laptop to use while you are on this rotation. Please remember you both will be representing Quinlan University. You can return to class now.




=_= .... ::How am I supposed to do that with him? Merrit is such a slacker. I bet everything that goes wrong will get blamed on me...::


  ....Out in the Hallway...
::Merrit:: Look, cheer up. It won't be that bad.
::Freesia:: .... I don't know...It's...I don't want to...
::Merrit:: Why not? Gods, Freesia, it's awesome! No real work or anything! And a foreign country--new people and places to see! *Rubs hands together in glee*
::Freesia:: Nevermind...we need to go back to class now.
::Merrit:: I'm going to stop by the bookstore for a soda first. Wanna come with?
::Freesia:: No. Thank you *turns and walks away* ::Like I said, he's a complete slacker::

What's her problem? She's always so high strung...*shrug*... Well, it's not my problem. I think a coke sounds good. Or maybe a grape Crush...

To be continued...
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