~New Horizons~

Part 2




Twelve ball in the corner pocket.... *sighting angle*

::Merrit:: So what do you think? .
::Niklos:: It sounds good to me. You lucked out to get that assignment--study abroad for a semester--Sheesh!
::Merrit:: Yeah. But what am I supposed to do about Miss Anal-retentive? I think she might ruin the whole trip. It's supposed to be fun, isn't it?
::Niklos:: *misses shot* ....Hmmm....




That sounds pretty harsh. Is Freesia that bad? I didn't think you'd be the type to be stymied by a girl.

::Merrit:: No. Not really. I'm not stymied...it's just it's hard to be in a good mood and have fun if you've been paired with a dried up old stick who doesn't know how to have fun!

Freesia a dried up stick? Merrit have you looked at that girl? *quirking eyebrow*....I'll grant you she doesn't have a lot up front but she is very pretty. I'm sure you could teach her to have some fun--if you wanted to.

::Merrit:: Four in the side pocket. *misses* Damn! That's just it Nik. I don't wnat to have to teach her. I want someone who IS fun! She'll prolly try to keep me in line--did I tell you that she tried to tell me I had .to go back to class?
::Niklos::  Uh huh. That's a bit much. Still, I've had her in a class or two and even though she's pretty she is very quiet and fairly shy Mer. I had the feeling she was doing and saying things because thats what she thought she was supposed to do...
::Merrit:: I dunno Nik. I just hope I can have a good time. I'm psyched that I'll have a laptop of my own for that time..
::Niklos:: Try not to look at too much porn, huh? They'll be checking that laptop over when they get it back, you know.
::Merrit:: T_T




Gah! I can't sink a ball tonight if my life depended on it! *growl*


So, you're saying I should just cut her some slack...

::Niklos:: I would if I were you. Because on the practical side of things...you're going half way around the world, and the culture is bound to be different. You're going to want someone who'll understand if you get homesick and stuff.




Look Merrit, I'm not really into this game right now. Can I give you a raincheck for another game before you leave?


Yeah. Sure. I need to dig my suitcase out of storage anyway.

::Niklos:: Oh that's going to be a real treat. Have fun with that...And remember what I said about the porn.





Look at porn? Moi? Never....

::Niklos:: *snort*


Ok. I'll catch up with you tomorrow after 18th cent. Lit.

::Niklos:: That sounds fine. See you then...
To be continued...
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