So, let’s talk about dolls!

It’s been a long, slow process that has brought be back to Barbie–the first doll I used to begin my customizing experiments and diorama hobby. I feel a strange kind of nostalgia about it, while also being quite happy with the made to move barbies that mattel has made (sometimes sporadically) available on the market.

Don’t be wrong–I still love the sculpts on the Integrity Toys dolls.

I just don’t love the lack of range of motion and the increasingly higher pricetags attached to them. To that end I have popped some of my favorites onto MTM bodies that I feel are a fair skintone match. I have some who have no match–as of yet, though I hope to experiment with that at some point soon.

I do appreciate that mattel in making the MTM bodies has begun trying to give some sort of body type diversity (something I have wanted in my collections for a long time. The only company that ever did that successfully was Volks when they were still producing 1:6 dollfies which had varying size busts, butts and heights. But, they stopped and aren’t going to go back to that so the MTMs are my next best base for custom figures.

I’m still learning about the bodies themselves, and some experiments have gone better than others, and in time I want to share some successful attempts.
Stick with me. I might not be as prolific as I once was, but I’m still hungering to do things so that must be a good thing.

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One thought on “So, let’s talk about dolls!

  • October 9, 2020 at 3:06 pm

    I’m glad to see that you’re back, and creating again. Even traveling slowly, you’re still going somewhere. 🙂


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