Dioramas…Where am I going with them? Is there a plan?

For quite a while I’ve been locked in a state of inertia. I have been wanting to work on dioramas  but there were so many different ones that I wanted to do that I instead did nothing! Awful, I know!

The first thing was that I’ve changed some of my focus for where I want my photostories to be situated. Everything used to be in Quinlan, and now I’ve decided to shift locales and cast. It wasn’t an easy decision since I had poured so much time and energy in to Quinlan (not to mention 3 binders full of scripts for photostories!)

Then I had to realize how I could intersperse some of the aspects of Quinlan that I didn’t want to let go of. I’ve managed that, and although some things are still muzzy and need to be further pinned down I feel like I’m moving in a good direction and feel fairly enthusiastic and fresh about it.

So knowing that, I need different kind of dioramas now. Which of course led me back to that “which do I do first?” and trying to do a bit of everything and getting damn-all done. So I threw it in my best friend’s lap and said “Nat, which do I do first? I am so stuck!”

Out of the choices she said the Coffeehouse/Cafe was the best–since it would allow a much wider range of characters to interact in it rather than, say, Emerson’s art studio. So that’s what I’m trying to work toward now.

I’m happy I saved the cafe pieces I’d worked on previously (OMG like a decade ago??) because I think I can make them work for it. The harder part for me now is to come up with a floorplan I like, color schemes, and overall look. I think I want something sort of artsy/indie but we’ll see.



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One thought on “Dioramas…Where am I going with them? Is there a plan?

  • October 1, 2020 at 2:41 pm

    Maybe you could put Emerson’s art on the walls. I’ve seen many coffee cafes doing this and rotating through different artists on a monthly, or longer basis. That way you could establish Emerson as a well known artist and have his art work become so popular that he eventually opens an art studio next door to the busy cafe. That would also give a reason for lots of people to be dropping in to the art studio, since it’s next to a cafe that people go to all the time. Another idea is for Emerson to open an art co -op next door where many artist hang out and work together in their carved out space in the room, like stalls. Even more customers would be stopping by.


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